2019 DSA National Convention Delegates Nominations

by | Jun 3, 2019

To submit a nomination, email organize@mhvdsa.org. Nominations are currently open, and will remain open through Sunday, June 9th. Voting will take place from June 10-16.

For further questions and discussion about the nomination process or the nominees, please join the #nominations channel of the MHV DSA Slack; email organize@mhvdsa.org if you need help accessing Slack.

Delegate Nominations

Peter Frase

Nominated by Niklas Moran.

Lisa L.

Hi I’m Lisa, and I am interested in being a delegate. My work (doing shareholder proposals at big companies to try and make them less evil) spikes in March-June so I have not had much time to devote to DSA but will have more time over the summer.  I’m trying to extricate myself from the local Democratic committee to free up more time also (although I acknowledge that I might be able to use my position to attempt to shift that committee to the left!).

I live in Gardiner (south of New Paltz). I grew up in Texas, went to school in DC & lived/worked all over Latin America. I was a Wall Streeter and have been moving leftward since 1995 (but I had a long way to go!) I ran for supervisor in my town 2 years ago & am on the local Dem committee. I’m active in protests in the HV thru a band I’m in & other groups. I now do investor organizing to try to use the tools of capitalism to hold corporate executives accountable.

Niklas M.

I, Niklas Moran, do hereby nominate myself to be a delegate for the MHVDSA branch. I am a founding member of both the Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists of America chapter and the MHVDSA chapter. I’ve taken imitative in many of our chapter activities and was influential in getting our only chapter DSA member elected in the City of Peekskill. I attended the Chicago convention as an observer with our only at-large delegate, Peter Frase.

I would be honored to serve as a delegate for the MHVDSA chapter.

Lauren S.

Nominated by Peter Frase.

Casey B.

My name is Casey, I’m a resident of Dutchess County and currently serve on the Steering Committee of Mid-Hudson Valley DSA. While I’ve only been actively involved in organizing for a little over a year, I’ve been a member of dues-paying member of the Democratic Socialists of America since November of 2016. During my time with the chapter I’ve organized several Medicare for All canvassing events, a member forum regarding the Bernie Sanders campaign, and have actively participated in the brakelight clinics.

I would be honored to represent our chapter at the national convention in Atlanta. If selected to serve as a delegate, I’ll do my utmost to ensure that the will of our members is well represented at the convention. Frankly, I do not think I am uniquely qualified to represent our chapter but I am deeply committed to making sure our chapter members feel heard and that we have a positive role to play in shaping the future of DSA.