Traffic data with updated stats

by | Feb 15, 2021

Top 5 municipalities per county in # of tickets issued


Dutchess County

Municipality Name # of tickets given 2016-2019 for V&T 375-380-a
Town of Poughkeepsie 9,037
Town of East Fishkill 3,917
City of Poughkeepsie 2,971
City of Beacon 2,552
Town of Hyde Park 2,361

Orange County

Municipality Name # of tickets given 2016-2019 for V&T 375-380-a
Town of Wallkill 7,945
Town of New Windsor 6,637
Town of Newburgh 5,692
City of Middletown 5,281
Town of Woodbury 4,806


Ulster County

Municipality Name # of tickets given 2016-2019 for V&T 375-380-a
Town of Ulster 6,525
Town of New Paltz 3,534
Town of Saugerties 3,429
Town of Llyod 3,377
Town of Wawarsing 2,606


Click on the image below to download the Brakelight Trifold.

Car with light out and text saying Why Fix Brakelights



Getting pulled over for a broken tail light is one of the most common reasons that people are forced to interact with the police. Because of rampant racial profiling, a traffic stop could be a simple annoyance for some, but a potentially life threatening situation for others. Small traffic infractions are often used as pretexts for unwarranted searches; to target individuals with harassment, expensive fines, court appearances, and arrests. An undocumented person could be detained or face deportation. In some cases— as with Philando Castile and Walter Scott— traffic stops for a broken brake light can lead to murder at the hands of the police.


Our brake light clinics help avoid unnecessary interactions with the justice system by checking and repairing bulbs for our neighbors. We hold these clinics at different locations throughout the community, providing a simple fix for what could lead to much bigger problems.




1,127 people were killed by police in 2020.1

120 of those people were killed after police stopped them for a traffic violation.


Our country has a militarized police force that incarcerates its citizens for petty offences in order to perpetuate an authoritarian state. In the U.S. there are 2.3 million people behind bars and 4.5 million people on parole or probation.2 Instead of confronting the underlying issues of poverty and racial oppression that lead individuals to be targeted by the justice system, our prison system continues to grow.


As the Democratic Socialists of America, we stand against police violence and mass incarceration. By changing brake lights for free, we aim to take small but significant action to protect one another from state-sanctioned violence at the hands of the police. We want the brake light clinics to start a conversation in our communities about our police and prisons, to get us thinking and organizing together for a democratic, equitable system that respects the freedoms of every individual.