“Democratic Socialists gather to help Poughkeepsie residents”

by | Jan 25, 2021

This past Sunday, we fixed brake lights, fed our neighbors and discussed how capitalism hurts the community. We heard from houseless people with mental health issues not getting the care they need and from neighbors who lamented the lack of jobs and opportunity in Poughkeepsie. We are fighting for a radically different economy that puts kindness and our community’s welfare above that of the desire of billionaires to buy another yacht or penthouse. We want an end to the artificial scarcity of capitalism so that houselessness, hunger and poverty are a thing of the past. Thanks Mid-Hudson News for the write-up:

POUGHKEEPSIE – The Mid-Hudson Valley Democratic Socialist Association is increasing its presence in the region with outreach programs such as a “Brake Light Clinic” they held in Poughkeepsie on Sunday.

The group of volunteers hosted a coat giveaway last month at the Earline Patrice Mansion Square Park that provided dozens of free coats to those in need.  On this most recent Sunday, several DSA volunteers gathered in the parking lot of the Exempt Firemen’s Association to offer free brake light repair for cars along with food and clothing distribution at no charge.

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