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Why Eco-Socialism?

December 18 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

The climate crisis cannot be addressed without a paradigm shift in the way we have come to organize our societies—namely around the mechanism of the “free” market that appropriates human labor and non-human natural resources at an ever-accelerating speed to churn out unprecedented levels of profit for the wealthiest.

Join us in discussing three entry points to the complex workings of our climate crisis:

  • Who’s really to blame?
  • Humans vs. Nature
  • Public Power: How NY can be a Model for the Nation 

Who’s really to Blame?
Climate change is an existential threat to all life on Earth. We know from scientific research that the current warming of the planet is being caused by human activity, but not all humans are equally responsible. The rich and powerful, with their insatiable desire for profit, are the driving force behind environmental exploitation. To save our world we must aim our political action at them.

Humans vs. Nature
“Humans vs. Nature” is emblematic of the dualist binary thinking that became popular in the seventeenth century around the same time Capitalism emerged. It’s a framework that positions nature as something external to be acted upon and controlled, but to begin to address the climate crisis, we must see ourselves as humans-in-nature, not humans-vs-nature.

Public Power: How NYS can be a Model for the Nation
The climate crisis demands a radical shift in how we generate and distribute electricity. With little time to spare we will make the case for Public Power as an alternative to the investor owned utilities who have been raking in record profits while the world burns. We will also discuss how NY stands to be an example for national projects and a new paradigm for public services in the US.