Mid-Hudson DSA joins Rally for Black Lives in Pleasant Valley

by | Jul 23, 2020

Last Saturday members of MHVDSA marched for justice and in solidarity with Black Lives in Pleasant Valley, New York. We witnessed the white supremacy and violence of “Back the Blue” counter-protestors against us and our Black and Brown comrades. This event reaffirmed our desire to defund the police, kick law enforcement unions out of the labor movement in the short-term and ultimately abolish police and prisons.

We want to defund the carceral state and re-invest resources in systems that address social problems with care and accountability, not punishment.

One of the lead organizers, a Black veteran, has received death threats and has to flee the place he has called home for 15 years! This is unacceptable. Support our comrade Royal here.

Further information on the protests and the attacks are here and here.

We will continue to fight. A better world is possible. Solidarity!