Working Groups


The Electoral Working Group aims to challenge capitalist power by electing socialists to office. We train our members to run phone banks and canvassing operations. We support candidates who are serious about taxing the rich, creating a single-payer healthcare system, and supporting unions. We believe in grassroots, democratic campaigns funded by small-dollar donations. We strive to improve our election process through reforms like automatic voter registration, ranked choice voting, and vote by mail. Electoral organizing is an important tool for dismantling systems that oppress and exploit the working class. Email us:


Capitalism operates through accumulation, which can only be achieved through exploitation, not just of non-human nature like soil, atmosphere, and animals, but also of nature that includes human relationships, human relationship to non-humans, the reproductive cycles of trees as well as mothers, and so on. Capitalism relies on a system of relationships that is inherently detrimental to our ecology, and our ecology cannot be repaired so long as capitalism continues its logic. This is the basis of ecosocialism. 

Our working group is engaged in political education and organizing around campaigns that seek to undo capitalist relationships to our ecology. Email us:


We are workers building a diverse and inclusive working class movement that demands not only workplace democracy, but also a dignified existence for all people regardless of their work or ability to work. We educate our fellow workers on the labor struggle, join them in solidarity on the picket line and run campaigns that put people over profit. Email us:


The Communications Working Group aims to amplify the messages and goals of all the other working groups by creating social media posts, updating the website, writing press releases and other copy, designing graphics and developing campaigns that align with the larger DSA mission as well as chapter-specific efforts.

We’re always looking for more hands on deck and have a need for anyone with writing skills, design skills, and tech skills. Finally you can use those skills you worked so hard for to survive in capitalism for their true purpose of destroying capitalism. Email us:


The Recruitment, Onboarding and Culture Working Group, “Culture” for short, is tasked with developing MHVDSA’s culture that reflects the society we want to live in. The Working Group recruits new members, introduces them to the chapter, and creates a caring and hospitable place for all people who are interested in building a democratic society free from exploitation and oppression. The ableist, white supremacist, patriarchal society we live in creates barriers to building a unified working class and hampers our organizing efforts. Email us:

Member's Education

The Members Education Working Group is focused on providing members and the public with political education on a variety of topics. This involves the planning and development of events and curriculum.

Mutual Aid

The Mutual Aid Working Group works on building solidarity through mutual aid organizing and community engagement. This group organizes the chapter’s brake light clinics, and coat drives, and are actively planning a range of mutual aid projects in various municipalities across the Hudson Valley. Contact us: