This coming Monday, 9/20 at 7pm show up to the City Council Meeting or call-in (info will be posted on Friday on the City of Beacon’s website) to make public comments supporting Good Cause Eviction! We need help getting it on the agenda as the mayor- a landlord no less- is blocking it. Five Councilmembers want it put it on the agenda and so do we! Sign the petition calling for Mayor Kyriacou to stop stalling and put it on the agenda! We want the City Council to discuss and pass Dan Aymair Blair, Air Rhodes and Terry Nelson’s Good Cause Eviction law.
Zoom info:
Webinar ID: 871 6759 5941 Passcode: 808018. To the extent internet access is not available,
the public can attend and comment via telephone by dialing

+ 1 929 205 6099 and entering the
Webinar ID: 871 6759 5941 Passcode: 808018.