Today’s report from the Attorney General’s office on the sexual assault and abuse from Governor Andrew Cuomo makes clear what has long been understood: that he is unfit for the office of Governor in more ways than New Yorkers should be expected to keep track of. During a pandemic that has imposed crushing human and economic costs that working-class New Yorkers are still grappling with, he attempted to cut Medicaid and healthcare programs, covered up nursing home deaths, protected nursing home executives who also happened to be his donors, and then had the audacity to suggest that those already struggling without any semblance of a safety net deal with the emergency by embracing an austerity budget. As DSA and State Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani tweeted this morning, “Cuomo can decide whether or not he resigns. We decide whether or not to impeach him.”

The Mid Hudson Valley Democratic Socialists of America calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to immediately resign, but more importantly, we call on Speaker Heastie to immediately reconvene the Assembly and send Articles of Impeachment to the Senate—failure to do so would be a flippant disregard of responsibility and a continued enabling of sexual assault. 

We express solidarity with all those who have been subject to harassment, abuse, manipulation, and bullying from the Governor and commend them for their bravery in coming forward. We call all New Yorkers to join us in demanding a state government that serves the people and cultivates the values we need to move forward.